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Please do not continue to insist on inserting the test of the "virtual first admendment" into the primary article on the First admendment to the US constitution. This is an opnion held by some comentators, not a consensus, and there is no single authoritative text of the "virtual admendment" even amoung those who subscribe to this theory. DES 21:56, 24 Feb 2005 (UTC)

I have reverted First Amendment to the United States Constitution back to the compromise version posted by DESiegel at 16:56, Feb 24, 2005. I have placed a discussion regarding the differing views regarding the content that should appear on this page on the article's talk page. Please view this page and the discussion there prior to making any substantive changes to this page. I am attempting to resolve this dispute with DESiegel's compromise version, and hopefully avoid formal dispute resolution (ie. page protection, mediation, arbitration, etc.). (sent to all users editing the article since Feb 10, 2005: user_talk:DESiegel, user_talk:Pythagoras, user_talk:Kenj0418, user_talk:, user_talk:, user_talk: Kenj0418 07:06, Feb 25, 2005 (UTC)