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Víctor Manuel Gaviria

Víctor Manuel Gaviria González (born January 19, 1955, in Liborina, Antioquia, Colombia) is a film director, writer, and poet. His three feature-length films are highly acclaimed and have won many international awards. He is the first Colombian filmmaker to be featured at the Cannes Film Festival in France.[1] He is often recognized as the most influential and well-known filmmaker to come out of Colombia, often being considered an exception to Colombian Cinema.

Early life[edit]

Born in the town of Liborina and raised in Medellin, Colombia, he grew up during the beginning of the Colombian conflict; an ongoing civil war between the Colombian government and extremist groups, including drug cartels, which led to immense violence and unrest throughout Medellin. He attended the University of Antioquia in Colombia and received a degree in psychology. While there, Gaviria gained an interest in poetry and wrote a total of seven poetry books that won several awards.

Feature-length films[edit]


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